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    • CommentAuthorquid
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2013 edited

    Possibly this should be in the tag merge/rename requests thread but I am not sure:

    I believe the automatic deletion of tags that are not used stopped working a while ago (possibly related to the ongoing event of badges not working).

    This is somewhat unfortunate since cetain tags then tend to get used quite a bit, for example combinatorics got already quite a bit (3 in addition to the creation) questions [I retagged them]. Just very recently number-theory got created which experience shows has a similar 'attracting force' for (mis-)tags (as well as some others: prime, numbers, differential,...).

    I do not know if the automatic deletion can somehow be 'restarted', which would be optimal. If not, the purpose of this post would be to ask if a moderator could manually delete at least the most 'dangerous' (as regards usage) 'empty' tags in the 'recently created tags' list. Thanks in advance.

    Added: since badges just restarted to work, the same might go for auto-deletion. I could not yet observe it but for the moment I am hopeful and thus retact the above made request as it might be obsolete.

    Added 2: indeed it works now.