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    I have been thinking about making an iOS/Android app for MathOverflow for some while. I hope to implement features like:
    1. Basic browsing/posting/answering questions.
    2. LaTex support.
    3. Follow specific user/topic/tag, and get notification about any update.

    These features only make sense when I'm able to get the real time data.

    However after I did some searches, I sadly found MathOverflow doesn't support StackExchange API.
    I do find there is a database dump: Unfortunately it is not in real time...

    So is there any way that I can fetch the real time data from MathOverflow?
    I would appreciate any words on this matter. :)

    We're getting really close to switching over the StackExchange 2.0, after which the StackExchange API will be available! Looking forward to seeing what you make.


    Yes please. Apps for mobile platforms would be most welcome.


    Glad to hear API will be available soon! Is there a detailed timeline so that I can follow up to make a plan?

    And because mobile app has both advantages and disadvantages comparing to web page on PC. Re-implementing features that already have on web site is not enough.
    So I'm think about making some unique features that the web site doesn't provide but people would love to use.
    Would you like to suggest some good ideas? Or if you could suggest a proper way to collect users' requirements, I would really appreciate that. :)

    Hi Vincent,

    You could start a thread here, asking if there are features people would like to see. Put your mobile app up on github and encourage people to put in feature requests?


    So, for example, on the iPhone/iPad you would have your own keyboard that includes '\' and '$' plus '()[]{}'.