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    Does voting to delete ones own answer automatically delete it? If not, how does one do this? Also, how does one delete ones own question assuming no answers yet?

    Later: Having searched more I see mention of "the delete button which shows up when I mouse over my answer" At least in Chrome I don't get that.

    • CommentAuthorquid
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2013

    For my answers there is a 'delete' just next and like the 'edit' and 'flag'. Pressing this deletes the question instantly (possibly with an additional "really" pop-up but not even this I think), of course it stays visible to you but becomes red; there is one exception, one cannot delete an accepted answer.

    I do not really know for questions, but I believe one can delete ones questions alone if it is open and there is not too much activity on it (one or two answers with a few upvotes will result in prohibiting deletion); for closed ones, I think owner can only cast a vote to delete (like 10k+), after some time which takes effect if there are three.

    However, if under some of your non-accepted answers you cannot see a 'delete' next to 'edit' and/or pressing it has no effect, this definitely seems like a browser issue. (I never used Chrome.)


    OK thanks. The "vote to delete" which comes up threw me.