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    • CommentAuthorkdr
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2012 edited
    Here's my story: some time ago I signed in to mathoverflow using myopenid account (which I had created at that time for mathoverflow purposes and which I don't use very often). Today I wanted to sign in again to myopenid but unfortunately it did not recognize my password. Recovering account didn't help because myopenid says there's no email associated with that account (although I still possess myopenid account email confirmation in my mailbox). This makes me think that myopenid f....d up something on their side. I've just realized that they offer no support at all which is very disappointing. myopenid account is pretty much lost now.

    So is it possible to somehow convince mathoverflow admins about my identity and to recover my account (mathoverflow does not recognize any of my emails I could have provided; perhaps I did not provide any email for my mathoverflow account at all)? Who should I contact?

    Email with a link to the user page (something like We'll figure something out. It would help if you specify the content of some of the non-public fields in the user profile. (e.g. what is the openid? did you include a birthday?)

    • CommentAuthorkdr
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2012
    Great! Emailing then...
    Thanks for help.