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    So, a few months ago I manged to lose access to my account at, because I changed computers, losing the MSE cookie (but not my MO cookie), and then discovered that I no longer remembered my OpenID password.

    I tried to recover the OpenID password, but the automated method does not work and I did not get any response
    to emailing the contact address. I tried the MSE account recovery, but that only points me to the OpenID page.

    I haven't yet tried contacting any MSE admin because I want some evidence before I do that, and I believe the best evidence I could show would be the MO question that was essentially a copy of, where I indicated that I would answer if the OP asked on .

    > Is there any way other than me searching the mathoverflow dumps for me to find that MO question to show to an MSE admin?
    • CommentAuthorWillieWong
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2012

    One thing you could do on MSE (if you need it) is to create a new account on MSE and e-mail me links to the old and new user pages. We can merge the two accounts and the old account will then acquire the new login information.

    If you just create your new account with, and contact me using, the same e-mail address as your original account, I think we can believe that you are the same person.