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    Sure would be awesome if there will be auto-completion for tags in the search box, like in questions.
    Of course it should only load after a [ is punched in.

    Any thoughts?


    Perhaps suggest in some 2.0 site, where software changes are possible, rather than in MO, where they are not.


    I was going to say that, but I don't know enough to say whether or not this might be possible with a javascript hack of some kind.

    @geraldedgar: This should well be possible in the current version.
    As Qiaochu says, just need to add some javascript to the main page.
    Since this main page has content that doesn't appear on other Stackexchange sites (v. 1 or 2), I assumed it has editable content.

    Can any kind person hazard a guess as to why autocompletion of tags is no longer working for me? It doesn't work in the search box or when asking or editing a question. It used to work fine for me, but I just moved to a new computer and now it doesn't work at all.

    I used to use (ahem) Firefox 2.something and now use Firefox 14.0.1. I have Adblock Plus installed, but disabled on mathoverflow. I'm using Kubuntu 12.04. I have popups disabled on Firefox, but then I always did have. The rest of MO works perfectly for me as far as I can tell.


    I'm pretty sure there used to be auto-completion for tags on MO. I don't remember when they vanished exactly, but about 8 or 10 months ago I noticed they were gone.


    Auto-completion of tags when asking a question still works for me (Safari 5.1.7 and Firefox 12.0 on Mac OS X).