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    "align" works on stackexchange but not on mathoverflow.

    I have in minde code like the following:

    2 + 3 & = 5 \\
    2 \times 3 & = 6

    If stackexchange can do it, it should be possible to get the same feature here.

    They've modified the server side markdown engine to not mess with stuff in math. We can't do this, so the double backslash gets converted to a single backslash. You could either use a quadruple backslash, or try to keep markdown from messing things up. Since we may migrate to SE 2.0, the most reliable thing to do is to enclose the align in P tags, like this:

    2 + 3 & = 5 \\
    2 \times 3 & = 6
    Thank you.

    This seems to work.

    (But the display is not centered or indented the way it would normally be, so it's still not as good as on stackexchange.)

    Try double dollar signs:

    2 + 3 & = 5 \\
    2 \times 3 & = 6
    OK, I'll try that......
    • CommentAuthorfedja
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2011
    \cr is an alternative for double backslash that seems to work fine in the align and similar environments.