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    This is not really a feature-request, but it would be nice if someone could add the requirement of having at least 100 rep to the MathOverflow FAQ. Neither in the "What if I don't get a good answer?" nor in the "What is reputation?"-list is it mentioned that you need at least 100 reputation to add a bounty to a question.

    So for clarity it would be good to add "100 - Add a bounty to your question" to the reputation-list, and to also add the 100 rep requirement to the section describing bounties.

    Also, with 91 rep and a question in the air for 2 days, I got the red text "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question?" even though I could not add a bounty. So I spent quite some time searching why I could not add a bounty or if I was just too stupid to find the right button. The red text also doesn't make sense if I cannot even add a bounty...

    I've added a line to the FAQ. Where exactly did the red text appear? I feel sure I've seen it before, but I can't reproduce it on faketestsite.

    I can still see it on my mathoverflow homepage ( right above the question "Low rate c-uniform pairwise intersecting set systems", while currently I also have less than 100 reputation points. Right now it reads "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question?". So maybe just "Have you considered accepting an answer for this question?" would make more sense for users with less than 100 reputation, or add something like "(if you have 100 reputation points, you can add a bounty to your question)".

    Anyway thanks for fixing this. I hope that it will help some users in the future.